Summer is Here!

Summer is definitely here now!  Wow, we had some pretty hot weather this week.  It has finally cooled down to below the triple digits!

I have watching some Youtube videos the past few days, The Fundamental Home and I love how she grocery shops.  She spends $100 a month, yep, that’s what I said, on groceries!  I am intrigued on how she does this.  I have a small stock pile in my cabinet, I buy a few extra canned goods when they are on sale, so I don’t have to run to the store for something when I am right in the middle of cooking!  She has a family of 5 and runs a blog also with her youtube channel.  I currently have all my adult children living at home, 1 is temporary, while he looks for a job.  So my family of 6 can go through quite a lot of food.

So, I figure if I want to continue to do my crafting and buy my supplies, the food budget has to get tighter!

I know it won’t happen overnight and the next few shopping trips will have to get my stock piles a little bigger.  My main thing is to plan meals.  I am awful at this and I have challenged myself to do better.

At the top of my page I have added a card found on Pinterest .  I thought the colors were beautiful and went with this post quite nicely!  Off to look as some recipes, then on to the craft room.  I have a special card to make!

Have a great weekend!

Happy Stamping!




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